"Our work with Carly G. was to produce high quality videos with a creative and modern vibe for our company Green Street Communities Inc.  From the beginning she was easy to work with and has such a warm and inviting personality.  Carly is able to produce videos of our homes that speak true to our brand and what we are trying to achieve.  With her creative mind and eye for a great shot she has produced videos that we will forever showcase.  What I appreciate most about Carly and her work is she is extremely easy to work with and her ability to produce outstanding work flows naturally. She definitely went above and beyond and continues to do so."

Derek Jarr, CEO, Green Street Communities Inc.

"Carly G. is not only extremely creative, but she has an incredible ability to capture our vision in an organized, professional and unique manner."

Nicole Cundiff, Colleen's Dream Foundation

"What I love about Carly is her character.  Almost anyone can click a picture or shoot some video, but it’s the work that comes after which I view as the most valuable:  the time she devotes to editing film or creating a marketing piece, her positivity and openness when working with others (who, undoubtedly, have different ideas about what looks good!), and her dedication to excellence in all areas of her art."

Harmony Fulton, The Madison Improvement Club